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An excelling Pharmacogenomic laboratory with a singular focus of providing a set of genomic data to healthcare professionals that is easily understood and interpreted to precisely tailor drug therapy based on individual genetic variants. A team of highly skilled molecular biologist and the state of the art equipment is dedicated to this mission. Our goal is: “Right drug for the right patient at the right dose and time”.



Our vision is to become the leader in the field of genetic testing which is certainly going to modify present treatment regimens into modern, well balanced, cost effective and calculated style of treatment for the future.



Our mission is to deliver our sincerity and dedication whole heartedly for the good health of patients in order to make them the productive component of the society.

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Our duty is wakefulness, the fundamental condition of life which itself is unseen, unheard and untouchable but altogether weaves the fabric of this material universe.



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What We Do

Polymorphic genes that encode the drug-metabolizing enzymes can serve as valuable markers, predictive of the efficacy and adverse responses in human subjects

Your doctor can now give you a blood test to determine the effect these enzymes have on medications. The three main genetic tests available today include: CYP2D6, CYP2C9, and CYP2C19

How do genes affect the way drugs work?

Genes provide your body with instructions for making enzymes. You carry two copies of every gene: one from your mother and one from your father (alleles). Differences in these genes can affect the speed of different enzymes you have in your body. This affects how well your body is able to use medicines and how well drugs work in your body. Differences in your enzymes can affect how your body can metabolize (break down) a drug and how long the drug stays your body. Based on what type of genes you carry, you may be:


I noticed that running such laboratory was a challenging project which their team is carrying out brilliantly. Being a Health care professional, I recommend it for all sorts of researches and recommendations. There work is very exciting and interesting , opening my horizons in a world of bio-genetic testing, what was little known before. Very well done…– Rehan ul Haq Qureshi, MD

I had little idea how far this laboratory could take me into the interesting work of pharmacogenetic testing. I wanted to see if it could help me in quest for more knowledge particularly in this field. I find this lab very impressive and satisfactory. Keep it up…– Maria Sharif, Internee





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